Student Visa New Zealand

Student Visa New Zealand

An international student seeking to study in New Zealand is required to undergo the following application procedure in order to be considered. Firstly, the prospective student must apply to a preferred education provider that is recognised by the New Zealand government.

The applicant must also pay any applicable application fees.

The applicant must then produce an offer letter from their chosen education provider in addition to the tuition fee receipt that confirms the offer of admission has been accepted by the applicant.

He/she must then attach also relevant details to their visa or permit application from their nearest New Immigration Office.

In addition to this, the applicant must also produce a current passport valid for at least three months past the expected expiry date for the applied visa or permits.

The application fee is also payable in full to the nearest NZ Immigration Office. The applicant must also produce a current bank statement with at least NZ$1000 per month or NZ$10000 per year to support him or herself for the duration of their studies.

The applicant may also return a completed financial undertaking form with their potential sponsor with at least in NZ$7000. He/she must also produce a return ticket or produce evidence of sufficient funds to cover his/her trip home.

For stays exceeding two years or more, the applicant must also produce medical details and obtain police clearance from his/her home country.